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Dibs available for January and February

By Chris Bottomley, 12/28/17, 12:45PM EST


Additional shifts have been posted in Dibs

We have posted additional shifts in Dibs for the remainder of the 2017-18 season.

As a reminder, each Stars Select family is required to work 18 hours or buy out of their family work commitment for $250.  The total for each family is 18 hours, regardless of how many players you have in the Select program.

In order to provide flexibility for your schedule, we have opened up concession hours that can be worked during Recreation League games.  We are tracking this through a separate list that you can find under "2018 Rec League Dibs."

The total number of hours needs to add up to 18.  Each list tracks hours separately, we add up the hours in a separate spreadsheet to make sure families are making progress and to ensure that they receive full credit.